Our Ultra Thin papers from Polar Bear Paper are suitable for normal digital sublimation ink for heat transfer paper (HTP). For a successful result, you need to have a precise web tension, and the printer needs to have an effective drying section.

Ultra Thin has proved to be very suitable for usage in modern ink jet printers equipped with the latest print heads and printing at high speed.

Ultra Thin accommodates the market’s demand for efficiency improvement and has less impact on the environment than traditional heat transfer papers.

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Thin transfer paper profits fashion and home textile manufacturers

In fashion textiles and home textiles, the thinner paper means less storage, reduced freight costs and more uninterrupted printing hours.

With Ultra Thin from Polar Bear Paper, you may fit a larger roll on your print reel allowing your printer to run more continuous hours. With traditional papers, you dispose of 400-600 meters per roll, which are likely to last up to seven hours on the printer.

A jumbo roll of Ultra Thin from Polar Bear Paper holds either 2000-5000 meters (mini jumbo) or 8000-15000 meters (jumbo). Depending on your printing facilities, a jumbo roll allows your printer to run for as much as ten hours.

For some of our fashion and home textile customers, the use of jumbo rolls allows the operator to start a print job before going home for the evening using the night as valuable printing time. In other words, Ultra Thin may reduce your downtime significantly.

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Thin transfer paper is cheaper than traditional transfer paper

In the advertising industry, Ultra Thin from Polar Bear Paper is also good news. Flags and banners are printed as many individual jobs and therefore, the price per meter matters.

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