Paper quality

Ultra Thin is the result of perfect coating

In digital transfer printing the paper quality is essential. The raw pulp may not be rocket science, but the coating is!

If you have ever experienced a poor release or blurred patterns, the coating on your transfer paper is most likely to be the reason, as the coating is the most crucial element of successful digital transfer printing.

It is understood that the coating technology is more complex on thin paper. We have tested, tested again and then tested some more to make sure that our thin papers can hold an adequate amount of ink to satisfy even the heavy colour jobs.

Testing and drying process are indispensable elements of professional transfer printing

The result of our efforts is a transfer paper with a perfect performance and enhanced quality compared to comparable papers on the market. However, we direct your attention to the drying of the paper as thin paper requires specific drying to obtain the satisfactory result.

However perfect a paper may be, you should always test the paper on your own printers, with your designs and colours.